Our Trustees are Sambandh’s earliest advocates. These six passionate individuals led to our inception.

Capt Sarfaraz Ansari (Robby)

Captain Sarfaraz Ansari has been working in the field of mental health for more than 15 years and has vast experience in individual and family counselling, respite services and legal issues pertaining to mental health. Being a caregiver himself, Captain Robby believes that persons with MI are ‘God’s own children, and the creator has entrusted a selected few to take care of them’

Jatinder Khurma

Jatinder Khurma works in the field of textile marketing. He is also a caregiver, who strongly believes that a person with mental illness can also lead a normal life if given a chance, and understanding of the illness, love and support help a person come into the mainstream of life. 

Rita Seth

Rita Seth has qualifications in microbiology and textile design, and an inclination towards fine arts. She is a sibling of a person with mental illness and has experienced the pain and isolation associated with it. She believes in the human potential and the strength of human relationships, especially for those living with mental illness, and sees these as key to recovery

Sanjay Seth

Sanjay has a B. Tech (IIT-Delhi) and MBA (IIM-Ahmedabad), and   over three decades of experience in the corporate sector, with the last five years focused on tobacco control. He started as India Program Director in the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids, through which he has played a transformative role and made a significant impact in the country. Since 2014, Sanjay also manages the Voice of Tobacco Victims campaign

Rajiv Agarwal

Rajiv is a graduate from St Stephen’s College, Delhi and a post-graduate from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. With three decades of experience in advertising and communication, Rajiv had played an active role in industry affairs, and was the first-ever Indian juror to the International Advertising Festival at Cannes

Pradeep Mathur

A post graduate from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. Pradeep has spent close to four decades in corporate life, the last few years of which were spent as a global CFO for a large multinational corporation