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All of us desire good health and happiness. Health has a physical and mental dimension, both equally important for a sense of well being. In 2011, a few families, with a loved one living with a severe mental illness got together and started looking for a solution. Having personally experienced the full impact of mental illness on the person living with it and the family, has made us committed to improve the quality of life of both in our country.

As luck would have it Nancy Beck, the Founder and Director of Connections, Halifax, which has worked for decades for the recovery of people with mental illness, decided to adopt Sambandh Health Foundation and design its programs, making them culturally relevant. Her award winning programs are recognised as ‘best practices’ by Health Canada. She continues to coach our professional staff in the recovery model every year, which sees a person living with a mental illness as central to the recovery planning and being supported by other stakeholders like, family, friends, society, social workers and mental health professional. It is a model based on the strengths perspective.

We intend to build an end to end model of recovery for people living with mental illness that can address their comprehensive, ever changing and sometimes life-long needs and then advocate for it’s replication throughout the country.

Warm regards,
Rita Seth
Trustee & Head Mental Health Group

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