Family Self Help Group

Families face unique challenges caring for their loved one living with a mental illness. Sambandh Family Self-Help groups meet on the first Thursday of the month in Civil Hospital and third Saturday of the month in Gurgaon.

The meetings are facilitated by a family member who also has experience caring for a loved one with mental illness. Families share their experience and support each other to better understand mental illness and its effect. Educational sessions on taking care of oneself, role of medication, understanding and dealing with stigma, facilitating awareness, improving communication skills, supporting the recovery of their loved one with mental illness, along with legal issues and entitlements are regularly delivered. The family self help groups over the years have empowered the families who have chosen to participate actively to reduce the emotional burden they carry and organise their lives in a way so as to be able to support their loved ones to become self reliant and also to be able to live a fulfilling life themselves.

Many have arisen to support the cause, in terms of fund raising and advocacy. There is a one time membership fee and an yearly contribution for joining these meetings. Half yearly celebrations along with the loved ones are a part of this membership.

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