Community Integration centre (CIC)

The CIC is operational in Gurgaon in collaboration with the Haryana Government. It is free of cost. It is a Recovery program for adults living with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.
Many persons living with a mental illness spend crucial years struggling with their illness, its impact on their lives and those of their families. Most withdraw and isolate themselves. During such a period their lives have been drastically disrupted. They lose time, energy and motivation to meet their potential and enjoy a meaningful life within society. They lose hope, feel worthless and have the constant feeling of not fitting in. The Sambandh CIC is a day support centre designed to help people living with a mental illness to regain their self worth and live a meaningful life within society. People who attend CIC are known as members. CIC provides opportunities to engage in meaningful activities that support the daily operations of the Centre. Each day there are regular responsibilities that staff and members carry out that help make the Centre successful. At the same time, while helping in the important work of running the centre, members are also building their confidence and skills to achieve their individual success. The building up of self-confidence facilitated by participating in such day to day activities starts paving the path to recovery, and living a life of dignity and respect in the society The main difference between Sambandh CIC and other mental health programs is our focus on understanding the strengths, talents and aspirations of our members rather than working with their deficits. We deeply believe that focusing on the positive aspects of a member's life will lead to improvement in all areas of their lives. Additionally members will meet new friends, who understand them, help them feel less isolated and will encourage each other to participate in the Sambandh community. Being with friends one learns to reciprocate kindness and caring towards others.
Members are fully participative in our awareness programs and advocacy initiatives.

Job Club

We are now moving in the area of jobs as members are showing readiness to be able to work in the community. We have 3 sessions of ‘job club’ every week to prepare people to pick up jobs and to be able to sustain them with back end support from Sambandh to them and the employer. Members are fully participative in our awareness programs and advocacy initiatives. Members have already been placed in jobs by us.

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