About the Organisation

Sambandh Health Foundation is a charitable Trust dedicated to public health. Sambandh works in two areas – Mental Illness and Tobacco Control. Tobacco Control is a relatively new area. In the area of mental health, Sambandh is dedicated to understanding mental illness and addressing mental health. Our goals are to build the capacity of people living with mental illness and their families, to educate the public about mental health/illness and to advocate for improved treatment and community supports. It was started by caregivers / family members of persons living with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder in August 2011. The web of relationships between all stakeholders, the person living with mental illness, the family, society, State and professionals can work together and provide education and community based supports needed by the person to recover and become a contributing part of the community.


A society which values human dignity and enhances mental and emotional well-being for all


To advocate with and provide programs and services for people with mental disorders, their families and to enhance and promote the mental health of all individuals and communities in India

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